APS Mantis

"CNC Light Weighted Slides and extended barrel for racing use

A good competition gun can be judged by its slides, extended barrel and attachment. A quality light weighted slide is essential. The slide of our PMT Mantis is CNC made. The design of the lower frame is still remains the same as ACP Series, the trimmed design and added stippling make this pistol comfortable in gripping, even a female will be able to grip this pistol without trouble.

Power and Accuracy

With the use of precision barrel and Co2, PMT Mantis generates 300 FPS using 0.2g BB. Because of Co2, the FPS is relatively stable in every single shot. The recoil and shooting power is designed for competition use. A stable FPS with acceptable recoil is important in a shooting competition that will bring you the victory.
Luminous Fiber optic sights

PMT Mantis standard attached with Luminous Fiber Optic Sights. The use of short pieces of optical fiber for the dots made in such a way that ambient light falling on the length of the fiber is concentrated at the tip, making the dots slightly brighter than the surroundings. A handgun standard comes with fiber optic is rarely seen in the market. The genius design of the rear sights comes with rail allows user to mount optics without blocking the original rear sight. This is how we think for the user and do it for the user.

Competition Trigger and aftermarket accessories compatible

PMT Mantis can fit aftermarket holster, mag well and scope mount. It standard comes with a Magwell for fast magazine reload. IPSC logo engraved on the slide cover and competition golden trigger is being used in this gun, which made the pistol looks elegant and luxury.

To conclude, PMT Mantis is an ideal gun for shooting competition because of its power, accuracy and stable performance. Upgrading is not complicate in this gun. Purchasing a race gun with full options may cost you over USD$1500, But PMT Mantis is providing you an alternative of an expensive high end race gun to a affordable budget race gun."

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